Skokomish River floods homes and streets in Mason County

SHELTON, Wash. -- House after house along the Skokomish River is flooded. The only way in or out is by boat.

"It's tragic. I've seen people's stuff floating out of their yards and going everywhere," Jorge Villareal said

Villareal works for the state Department of Fish and Wildlife and he's worried his hatchery will be flooded next.

"This is totally a backup from the Skokomish River coming all the way this way," Villareal said, pointing at the flooding.

The water is creeping up a gravel road, getting closer to his wildlife.

"In the years I've been here, this is the worst," Villareal said.

The raging Skokomish River is also spilling into streets.

"As we were driving up, fish were jumping out of the water," one driver said.

Drivers say Skokomish Valley Road is too dangerous to cross.

Skokomish Valley Road isn't the only street closed. Several side streets are closed, too. But when you have homes ruined, Shelton residents say road closures are the least of worries.

"This is horrible," said resident Sonya Mitchell.