Sniper used single shot to kill Tacoma gunman after child ran to porch, police say

TACOMA -- Officials say a sheriff's sniper in Tacoma killed a gunman with a single shot after one of the two children he had been using as human shields ran onto a porch and the suspect was exposed.

Authorities say 38-year-old suspect Bruce R. Johnson was killed Thursday after an 11-hour standoff in Tacoma that began with a domestic violence call.

Police Officer Reginald "Jake" Gutierrez was fatally shot Wednesday night when he and his female partner went into the house to investigate the call.

Gutierrez's partner returned fire and helped get Johnson's wife safely out of the house before the standoff began.

The owner of Sam & Terry's Barbershop, Damon Daniels, told Q13 News that Johnson had been fired the morning of the shooting.

Daniels said Johnson had repeatedly showed up for work late and had several altercations with customers at the Hilltop barbershop. He was an employee there for about eight months.

Daniels also said he was shocked to hear about the death of Officer Gutierrez and is mourning with the rest of the community.

Police escorted Gutierrez's body to a funeral home Friday afternoon.