Sumner Police: Shooting that damaged patrol car, City Hall possibly random

SUMNER, Wash. – Wild gunfire in the middle of the night left bullet holes in a police car and a city building in Sumner.

Investigators said the shooting happened around midnight and appears to be random.

There were two 'shots-fired' calls in Sumner and a reported third near Puyallup early Tuesday morning.

One bullet shattered the back window of a Sumner police cruiser and went clear through to the windshield.

Plus, there was more damage from bullets at Sumner City Hall, near where the cruiser had been parked overnight.

“People going around doing dangerous things like this could hurt anybody,” said Deputy Chief Jeff Engle. “Not only police officers, they don’t know if the building’s occupied, the patrol car’s occupied, houses around us, so yes, very dangerous.”

Nobody was injured during the shootings and police had not made arrests by Tuesday evening.

“I don’t like that, that’s ridiculous to shoot at the City Hall,” said Helen Weeks. “I’ve got too many people around our area that like to be crazy and shoot at our own police department.”

Last December a gunman fired shots into the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department detachment facility near Bonney Lake while officers were working inside. That shooter was never caught.

Sumner police are not saying there is a pattern but won’t eliminate the possibility.

“Coupled with the other ones going on, it could be just random,” said Engle. “But we’re not going to rule anything out.”

Sumner’s City Hall is surrounded by both businesses and homes on all sides. Neighbors hope whoever pulled the trigger is caught before someone gets hurt.

“People who just had to much to drink,” said Whitney Gilreath said of the shooter. “Nobody cares and nobody thinks about the consequences.”

Detectives went door-to-door to neighboring businesses checking for surveillance cameras that may have clues.

Anyone with information about the shootings is asked to call the Sumner Police Department.