Surveillance video shows daycare worker kicking child, taping pacifier to toddler's mouth

Riverdale, GA (WGCL) -- CBS46 was the first station to release shocking surveillance footage of a Georgia daycare teacher who allegedly kicked a 20-month-old toddler.

Kids R Kids Day Care owner Robert Phelps said in an exclusive interview Monday that the teacher, Alexis Wilson-Britten, 22, was scheduled to be terminated the day she allegedly kicked the toddler.

Phelps confirmed, during a previous incident, Wilson-Britten taped a pacifier to a toddler's mouth to keep her from crying. But then came two incidents that involved the children of a teacher, Kimberly Johnson, who also works at the daycare.

Johnson said she became concerned when she went to pick up her twins Thursday. She said one of the toddlers was agitated, and when she asked Wilson-Britten if anything out of the ordinary happened that day, she was told the toddler may have been upset because the kids left the playground early that day. Johnson said later that night her son began to hold his arm as if it was hurting. The twin's father took the toddler to a doctor, who told him the child had a fractured arm.

Johnson later learned the toddler had fallen on the playground that day, and the teacher never reported the incident to daycare administrators.

Johnson said she then told the managers of the daycare center she was not happy with the fact she had not been notified of the playground incident.

She said the managers then began to watch the teacher's interactions with the toddlers by surveillance.

Johnson was called back to the office by her managers, where she was told to view a video. She said the video showed the same teacher kicking her other son when he tried to bring the teacher a toy.

Friday evening, Clayton County police arrested Wilson-Britten of Jonesboro, who is charged with simple battery.

Johnson said she is still employed by the daycare center, but will now pursue legal action.

Phelps told CBS46 Johnson would not be terminated for protecting her children. He said she simply "did what any mother would do."

A representative who has rights to the Kids R Kids franchise said this location in Riverdale was de-branded more than a year ago and is not associated with the chain.

Police said Wilson-Britten does not have a prior criminal record.