Suspect in 3-city shooting rampage booked into jail

GRANITE FALLS, Wash. -- Police booked the Snohomish County shooting rampage suspect into jail Saturday, according to the Snohomish County Jail roster.

Law enforcement sources identified the suspect as Hans Hansen who lives near Granite Falls.

Hansen is being held for 1st degree assault with a weapon and drive-by shooting. Bail has not yet been set.

Hansen, married with a son, is believed to have been the man in a white pickup truck who opened fire Wednesday night at the Granite Falls Police Department and at several parked patrol cars before driving to the Lake Stevens Department, where he did the same thing.

The suspect then sped off toward Marysville, where police intercepted him and shot him during a gun battle. He was in the hospital Thursday. One Marysville police sergeant was slightly injured.

Sources tell Q13 FOX News that Hansen, had health problems and a failing cabinet-making business.

The landlord at an industrial business park in Granite Falls where Hanson once rented a space believes that’s where the shooting spree began.

More than 30 bullet holes riddled the side of one building on Mountain Loop Highway.

“I think he’s crazy to be able to go and do that,” said Serguy Fedorchek, who knows Hansen. “No normal person would do that, I think he must have been on something.”

Hansen’s former landlord told Q13 FOX News that Hansen started his shooting spree at his business park. Bullets went clear through walls, leaving massive exit holes.

The landlord, who wouldn’t go on camera for an interview, said he evicted Hansen two years ago after his cabinet business dried up, and that Hansen was more than one year behind on the rent.

One of Hansen's neighbors, Anne Holmes, said, “I talked to his wife this morning, she was pretty disturbed. She wasn’t ready to talk about it.”

Holmes said investigators lined the street early Thursday morning just hours after the shooting spree.

“I was putting two and two together and when I saw his truck on (TV) there, I knew for a fact that it was probably him because his truck wasn’t there this morning,” she said.

Holmes said she’s known the Hansen family for several years, and she’s heartbroken over what’s happened.

“Maybe he just wanted a policeman to shoot him, a suicide mission,” she said.

Despite the suspect’s problems, police still aren’t sure of a motive for the shooting.