Taking care of your teeth during pregnancy. What expectant moms need to know.

Taking care of your teeth is important for your overall health... and that's especially important for expectant moms.

The Mighty Mouth campaign aims to raise awareness about good oral health and wants pregnant women to know the risks.

The truth is, oral health can affect your baby now and later, experts say.  In fact, prior to birth, a bad tooth or gum infection can spread throughout your body, leading to serious health problems.  Following birth, you can pass cavity-causing germs to your baby.

According to the Mighty Mouth campaign... pregnant women should floss daily, brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and drink lots of water.  Fluoridated water is best.  Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel.

Also, pregnant women should visit there dentist to make sure their mouth is in tip top shape.  Treatment including fillings, x-rays, and certain medications are safe during pregnancy.  Just make sure you tell your dentists of hygienist that you are pregnant and when you are due.

And get this!  Experts with the Mighty Mouth campaign says moms with untreated tooth decay or gum infections can pass cavity-causing bacteria to their babies.  So if you're kissing and sharing utensils with your baby, make sure you're cavity free.

A special thanks to the Mighty Mouth campaign for getting the word out on this important topic, and also to Nicole Woodruff, the Nurse Practitioner who stopped by to share her advice on this subject during Q13 News at 5.