WATCH: Kaci tries to become Mary Poppins with local production

ISSAQUAH -- Spit spot! Mary Poppins is here, and it's a production you don't want to miss. The Village Theatre's run of the popular classic has many of the songs and characters we all know and love from the Julie Andrews movie; and more from the original book.  From a glorious set and costumes to flying and other magic, it feels like a show all ages will be singing along to.

I tried (a little too hard) to become Mary Poppins (I need to work on, oh, the accent, the singing, etc) but costume shop manager Cynthia Savage did a GREAT job dressing me for the part; and production supervisor Jay Markham filled us in on some of the magic that goes in to making this a huge hit. I also want to assure you the REAL Mary is absolutely fantastic, and along with the rest of the cast, enormously talented!

Watch the video for more! The show runs at The Village Theatre Issaquah through January 4th; it then runs at their Everett location from January 9th through February 8th. Click HERE for tickets!