Woodland Park Zoo’s flamingo chick needs a name

SEATTLE -- Woodland Park Zoo needs your help naming the youngest of its two Chilean flamingo chicks. The naming contest began Friday, November 4 and will run through the weekend.

To vote, click here or go to the zoo's Facebook page.

Caretakers have picked out three Spanish names and need help narrowing it down. They are:

    The youngest chick was hatched in September. It's older sibling was hatched in August and almost immediately became a media sensation from a video showing its indoor and outdoor exercise sessions with zookeepers.

    Once a winning name is selected for the young chick, zookeepers will choose a complimentary name for the older chick.

    Both names will be announced Monday, November 7.

    Some background information

    Chilean flamingos have an extensive range throughout much of southern South America in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

    They are extremely hardy birds that can withstand cold, wet climates. They live in lakes at altitudes up to 15,000 feet, as well as at sea level during the winter months.

    These lakes are usually inhospitable to all living creatures except for algae, diatoms, aquatic invertebrates, flamingos and other birds.