Commentary: Lost in Super Bowl aftermath, a much-needed "Thank You" to the 12s

We start tonight with one final "Thank You." After a full week of running the emotional gamut in the aftermath of Super Bowl Sunday, there's a "Thank You" that simply can't be forgotten.

"Thank You, 12s," for the best season yet.

I understand the heartache and hypotheticals, and our attempts to turn that corner – to get over the most crushing and heartbreaking loss in our city's history. And while we at Q13 Fox have embraced the dialogue of "Thank You, Seahawks" for another incredible year, the lasting image, to me at least, is that of the 12s: Their unrivaled loyalty. Their unwavering passion. Their sacrifice to do anything – and travel anywhere – to support their favorite team.

(Picture of final play)
Yes, this play will forever stick a wrench in our gut. But ten years from now, it won't be my most memorable image from Super Bowl 49.

(Picture of 12s at Chase Field)
THIS will be instead. 25-thousand 12s, more than a thousand miles from home, packing Chase Field the day before the game.

Yes, the result will haunt us forever, but there's a comfort in knowing that we, as a collective fan base, gave it our all too. Super Bowl tickets or not, we swarmed Phoenix and Scottsdale and Glendale and Tempe even more than Manhattan a year ago. Regardless of the cost, 12's didn't blink twice. The scene itself ran completely counter to the notion that a sequel is never as good as the original – because it truly was. And it got everyone's attention nationwide.

It's also a reminder that this Golden Age of the Seahawks rides arm-in-arm with the Golden Age of civic pride. For an entire playoff run, there was no better place to live in the world than right here in Seattle - a city, once again united by one team and one cause.

Yes, the Seahawks made it possible. But so did all the 12's.

We'll all continue to have different opinions on the end of the game, and we'll all have different ways and time frames to cope. But let me remind you that this is the second week in February, and three years ago this week, my commentary focused on David Stern, and two years ago this week, I was already talking about the Mariners. I don't mind extending the Seahawks dialogue until mid-Februrary every single year.

So thank you Seahawks, for another fantastic season: For capturing our imagination. For galvanizing a city.

But "Thank you 12's." For giving your all. For going all in. And most of all, for forever remaining loyal.