Jerry Springer on his own talk show: 'The show is stupid'

SEATTLE -- "JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!" It's hard NOT to break out into that chant when you introduce talk show host Jerry Springer; who, by the way, has worn a LOT of other hats, including mayor, ballroom dancer, lawyer, and news anchor.

We have his show on our station, yes; but truth be told he was even more engaging and funny than we thought when we interviewed him! Who else would admit that his producers purposefully don't tell him the topics of his show so that he can be surprised along WITH his audience when the crazy is revealed? And, yes, he did call his own show "stupid" at one point, but he did so with affection.

Check out the video for more- it was a very fun interview! Click HERE for more on Jerry Springer; "The Jerry Springer Show" airs weekdays at 11am on Q13 FOX.