Seahawks players take part in Supermarket Sweep! But who won?

The Seahawks are competitive on the field, but it turns out they're also competitive in the grocery store.

Q13 FOX partnered with Safeway and the Seahawks for the "Safeway Seahawks Sweep," named after the popular game show Supermarket Sweep.

The three different teams consisted of a Seahawks player, a Q13 FOX team member, and a lucky Safeway sweepstakes winner.

Michael Bennett was partnered with Kaci Aitchison and Mike.

Brandon Mebane was partnered with Michelle Ludtka, and Kimberly.

Cliff Avril was partnered with Matt Lorch, and Kerri.

The game show was hosted by former Seahawks safety Jordan Babineaux.

The contest got heated and hilarious at times ... but in the end, it was all for a good cause.

Mebane's first-place team earned $30,000 for the Virginia Mason Family Nutrition and Fitness for Life Program.

Team Bennett earned the second-place prize of $20,000 for the Hope Heart Institute's Take Heart Program.

And even though they came in last, Team Avril nabbed $10,000 for the American Diabetes Association's Power Up Camp.