Pete Carroll on another goal-line stand, Rawls' expected return and more

RENTON, Wash. -- Every week, Pete Carroll takes a few minutes to talk to Q13 News’ Aaron Levine.

This week, they talked about  another goal line stand, the mutual respect shown between the Hawks and Patriots, the long-awaited return of Thomas Rawls, and lots more.

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Coach, it was an amazing win last weekend against the New England Patriots. It felt like there was a genuine mutual respect for each other throughout the game -- did you feel that way also?

Yeah, I think there were some signs of it too. I think there were some signs that we respect them. It's a great coaching staff and quarterback all those great players they have. I don't think it changed anything, but I thought that it was visible at times during the game.

On Russell's touchdown pass right before halftime, Inside the NFL's mic picked up you saying throw it away. Is that just another example of Russell surprising even you?

That's a situation where if we don't stop the clock and we complete the ball inbounds we are dead. So when he took off, we have been through the situation before, but he knew what he was doing -- he did a great job.

It was another case of you guys defending every blade of grass with that goal line stand. How impressive was that for you?

It's not the first time. These guys have been showing that they can come back and finish games with great surge. That was a great illustration and I'm really proud to get that win in that manner.

I'm sure there is room to grow with left tackle George Fant, but can you compare where he is right now from the first day he stepped into this facility?

He hadn't really played football, so I don't even know how you compare it. He's been really a tremendous surprise that he has picked things up as he has. He is just such a good natural athlete. But nobody would have predicted that he would come along as fast as he has. And he has a huge upside -- he's just barely getting started.

You haven't had the luxury of having the same offensive line two straight years. Do you feel like this offensive line is not only hitting its stride but taking it to the next level?

We're getting better, we're improving. It only makes sense it's going to take some time. We've been through this before and we've seen second-half changes in our team based on a lot that happens up front on offense. Hopefully we will make some good improvement and continue to grow. It's really clear that they are growing.

How tough of a challenge is the Eagles' front 7 this week?

They're really a good group. They are very active. They are strong and quick in a scheme where they do a lot of running up field and really attack the line of scrimmage really well. It is a difficult group. We'll be challenged by them.

Is it true that you have acquired some ideas from Jim Schwartz and his defense?

No, not really. Our stuff goes way back. We have a longstanding legacy of how we've done our stuff, but they've got a really nice scheme.

This is the time of year Russell's rookie season where you took the training wheels off. What have you seen from Carson Wentz this year?

He started really fast. He had three great games right out of the chute. And he's gone through the regular stuff that any quarterback goes through and it's tough. He looks like a fantastic competitor. He's a great athlete -- there's really nothing that he can't do. He looks very poised and in command, so they've got to be as excited as you can be about that guy, and he's going to be tough on us.

Thomas Rawls is expected to return this week. How nice is it knowing that you still have C.J. Prosise after what he has done the last couple of weeks to help Thomas ease on into it?

C.J. has really been fun to watch as he is emerging here. We don't know how it is going to wind up with C.J. but we are excited about what he can do. Getting Thomas back is a big deal. He runs with such great attitude and he's so tough. And he was so productive last year and he's ready to go -- he's primed and in great shape. So it's wonderful to get him back. But we will mix him in, see how it goes and then go as the game goes.