Texas newspaper makes huge mistake Seahawks fans wish was true (PHOTO)

DALLAS -- If only....

One Texas newspaper got it wrong Monday, reporting on their front page the Seahawks beat the Cowboys.

The front page headline on The Huntsville Item read "SPORTS: Seahawks beat Cowboys -- Page A7."

The copy editing mistake was tweeted by media watchdog site Jim Romenesko.com Monday:

According to Jimromenesko.com, the mistake was due to communication issues between the sports staff and front page designers. The correct story with the Cowboys beating the Seahawks was printed on the sports page.

"It appears to have been a lapse in communication or some other sort of human error between our news desk and sports desk," the paper's editors told Jimromenesko.com.

Sigh. Maybe the paper's copy editors were lone 12s marooned down in Huntsville, Texas who simply couldn't believe the game's outcome.

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