If I unintentionally expose my gun will I lose my conceal and carry license?

Q: I have a concealed pistol license and I carry in my waistband. I have this problem, even with long shirts, if I bend over and stand back up, sometimes my shirt flips over my gun exposing it to anyone in viewing distance. I try my best to keep it covered, but if I bend down and stand back up exposing my gun for a brief moment is this a major issue that can cause me to lose my license to carry? -- Patrick, Marysville A: It's OK to carry a gun without a concealed weapons permit as long as it's visible. We have these right to carry groups that do that. If you have a concealed weapons permit, and your gun is hidden, and it's exposed, that's not going to get you in trouble. But it is going to bring attention to you. People are going to see it and think it's suspicious. In today's society, there's a good possibility they're going to call 911 and you may be contacted by the police. At that point, you want to let them know you have a weapon, and have the appropriate paperwork, and you should not have a problem. -- Pierce County Sheriff's detective Ed Troyer