1 critical, 3 seriously injured in Tacoma crash after bank robbery

TACOMA -- A suspected bank robber in a black SUV sped out into J Street near 11th and got broadsided by a white van in a violent crash Tuesday that left the suspect in critical condition and three others less seriously injured, police said.

The driver of the black SUV, police said, had just robbed a nearby bank and, when he spotted a police cruiser on patrol, took off at a high rate of speed through a few alleyways. Police said they did not chase him.

When he sped out into J Street, a white van T-boned him and pushed his car into a nearby building, where it came to rest.

The driver of the black SUV was in critical condition, Tacoma Fire said. The three patients in the white van were in serious condition, but all were conscious and alert, authorities said.