13-year-old in court for brutal beating in Westlake Park

SEATTLE -- A 13-year-old boy will be in juvenile court Thursday, charged in the brutal beating of a concierge/security guard in Westlake Park.

Police said that on July 18 the boy was joined in the attack by several others who punched and beat the man until he lost consciousness. When the victim was on the ground, police said the 13-year-old kicked him in the head several times and tried to steal his wallet.

The boy is also charged with two counts of fourth-degree assault and one count of first-degree theft for another attack a month later near 3rd Avenue and Pine Street in Seattle.

The victim, Joseph Crudo, is filing suit against the city. He is claiming the city and mayor's office didn't do enough to protect the public from the dangers around Westlake Park. Recently, there have also been calls for permanent officers dedicated to patrolling Westlake Park.