Casino mogul Steve Wynn mocks millennial customers

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Casino magnate Steve Wynn mocked his millennial customers as he emphasized nightclubs and other non-casino parts of his business as the driving force for revenue at his resorts.

The outspoken developer made the comments Tuesday at the International Conference on Gambling and Risk Taking at The Mirage hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Wynn said that his nightclubs, including the popular XS at the Encore, made $40 million a year, but that he distances himself from the lucrative offering within his business.

Calling himself "one of those old white guys," he also mocked his millennial customers.

He said they spend too much "dim-witted" time on social media and suggested that the nightclubs either allowed people to "check their human sensibilities at the door" or "attracted every moron in the world."

In April, Wynn drew criticism after saying  "nobody likes being around poor people."