Cassie Franklin will be Everett's first elected female mayor in city's 124-year history

EVERETT, Wash. -- Judy Tuohy on Thursday conceded the race for Everett mayor to fellow City Council member Cassie Franklin.

Franklin will become the first woman to be elected mayor in Everett since the city was incorporated 124 years ago.

In the most recent vote count released Wednesday by the Snohomish County Elections, Franklin had a 198-vote lead over Tuohy with almost all votes counted. Franklin had 7,803 votes (44.67%) to Tuohy's 7,605 (43.53%).  About 11.8 percent of the other votes were cast for write-in candidates.

Election officials told the Everett Herald that fewer than 20 ballots from Everett remained to be counted. The next vote count will not be released until Tuesday afternoon.

On Thursday, Tuohy conceded the race in a message to her supporters on her campaign's Facebook page.

"Unfortunately, my pathway did not lead to victory in this contest.... While I may have lost the race I have gained much, much more in the friendships and knowledge of what is important to our citizens.

"I am determined more than ever, to be your voice on city council and work with the new administration to find the right solutions for other issues we face today and if those don't work, I will be looking for other solutions."

And in a statement to the Herald early Thursday, Tuohy said, “I congratulate Cassie on her victory and look forward to continue to work with her on making Everett the best it can be.”

The only woman to occupy the mayor's job since Everett incorporated in 1893 was Joyce Ebert -- and she wasn't elected. She agreed to fill the post for two months after Bob Anderson resigned in 1977.