Seattle mom holds water safety events after losing son in drowning

Drownings have increased dramatically over the last decade, according to a new report from the CDC. The findings come as Washington recognized May 15 as "Water Safety Day" for the first time.

On Saturday, the non-profit organization No More Under teamed up with the City of Seattle and the YMCA to hold its first water safety day event. 

"Drowning is 100% preventable," said Chezik Tsunoda, founder of No More Under. 

Tsunoda says drowning is something most people don’t think will happen to them, until it does, which she understands firsthand. She started the non-profit after her son, Yori, drowned in a backyard pool. 

"I just started to understand the lack of awareness regarding how quickly and quietly drowning happens," Tsunoda said. 


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It's why she’s working to change the conversation. Trevor attended the event with his three-year-old son Emory. 

"I have family members that are afraid of the water, and I don’t want that for him, I want to be comfortable around the water and most importantly be safe," he said. 

Safety is something Seattle Parks and Rec aquatic manager Mike Plympton and the Program Exec for Aquatics at YMCA Greater Seattle Catherine Earley can’t stress enough. 

"I think whatever we can do to make sure that stuff like swim lessons is accessible is our main mission," Plympton said.

"We like to teach kids about asking for permission before getting into the water," Earley said. "We like to teach parents about being water watchers and getting first aid and CPR certified."

For Tsunoda, she hopes this is just the beginning.

"While I want to give parents the resources, I also want to give schools the resources so that this is something we’re talking about every year before kids leave school," Tsunoda said. "I sincerely hope that this is going to make a difference and save lives."

For more information and to sign up your child for free swim lessons, visit the City of Seattle website.


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