Dozens call for consequences against Seattle Police officers after controversial body cam video

Dozens of people hit the streets Thursday protesting Seattle Police, after body camera footage showed an officer laughing and making jokes about a woman killed by a speeding patrol car.

Earlier this week, Seattle Police released body cam footage from Officer Daniel Auderer. In the video, you can hear Auderer laughing and making jokes about Jaahnavi Kandula.

Kandula was a 23-year-old student who was hit and killed by an SPD officer, who was speeding about three times the posted limit, on the way to an emergency overdose call.

"They don’t have any concern for the fact that this happened. They don’t care about us, the citizens. They’re supposed to be the ones protecting us, but they’re not," said Ray Mitchell.

Mitchell is a member of the Seattle Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression.

On Thursday, the organization held a protest at the same intersection where Kandula was killed.

"We want people to think about, ‘This is where it happened; you’re standing where it happened.’ That can make it more real for people," he said. "Making it more real for them, it tends to make them care a lot more," said Mitchell.

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About a hundred people showed up for the protest. People then marched through the streets around where Kandula was killed.

Mitchell said the goal of the rally is simple; he says there needs to be consequences for every member of the Seattle Police Department connected to this incident.

"It’s not acceptable—we want them fired, and we want the first officer convicted," said Mitchell.

The Seattle Office of Police Accountability is investigating the video.

Per department policy, the chief’s office cannot comment on open OPA investigations, which can take months to complete.

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However, a few city departments and officials including the mayor, several city councilmembers and the police department have released statements.

FOX 13 News reached out to the Seattle Police Officers Guild, but they have not responded. 

We have also confirmed that Auderer self-reported his comments to supervisors, in addition to the official complaint from another department employee.