Etch A Sketch 'Princess' creates unreal art on classic kid's toy, offers to sketch your portrait just in time for Christmas

CHICAGO, Illinois --  She calls herself Princess Etch A Sketch.

Once you see her art you’ll know why.

Jane Labowitch can draw things on her Etch A Sketch that most people couldn’t draw with a pencil and pad.

Now Jane has taken her talent to a whole new level.  She is now selling each Etch A Sketch piece she creates as a unique Christmas ornament.

On her Etsy page you can see ornaments featuring the Mona Lisa, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and a whole host of Disney Characters.

But she will also make a custom piece from a photo you send to her.

I am happy to etch names, portraits, name it! Before purchasing, I would prefer to approve of a reference image. Please send photos you'd like for me to work from in a message, and I will review the image in a timely manner.

On her Facebook page Jane writes that she started playing with her first Etch A Sketch at the age of 4 on weekends at her grandma’s house.

I played with my Etch A Sketch there because my grandma restricted my TV watching. In retrospect, I am really thankful that I wasn't allowed to watch TV so much because it was during those weekends of boredom that I began to hone my skill. I played with my Etch A Sketch so much that I got used to the mechanics, and I got to the point to where I didn't have to think about which way the knobs made the stylus on the screen move. In a sense, I became fluent in a language.

As an adult she continued speaking her language as she worked her way through a degree at the American Academy of Art in Chicago.  She now works as an illustration and digital media and sells her Etch A Sketch art on the side.

If you would like your custom Etch A Sketch drawing and you want it by Christmas, Jane writes that you’ll need to order it before December 10th.