Everett vape shop sees massive drop in sales after flavor ban

EVERETT, Wash. – Thursday marked a week since the State of Washington banned shops from selling flavored vapor products.

Levi Brennan, the owner of Clouds the Limit in Everett, says his revenue took a hit of over 90-percent in sales.

“We range anywhere from $700 to $1,000 a day in gross sales,” said Brennan. “After the flavor ban went into effect, our first day back in business was $26 in sales.”

The dad of four tried to stay open a couple more days, but says sales never reached over $100. He closed the shop on Monday and is currently working a second job to make ends meet.

“I don’t believe we deserve what’s happening to us,” said Brennan. “It’s hard to believe. The shelves in the store. It looks a lot different than on a good day at Clouds the Limit.”

The State Board of Health passed the emergency order last Wednesday. The 120-day ban is in response to the youth vaping epidemic and the outbreak of vaping associated lung illness, according to the state.

“We’ve never been an industry that has ever targeted children, at least in the small business aspect of things. We have never sold to a minor in our shop,” said Brennan.

The owner of O Vapor in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood is closing up shop altogether. He owns several other vape shops in the state.

Meanwhile, business owners like Brennan are waiting to see where this ban on flavored vapes goes next.

“My plans are to survive, that’s the only plan I have in place right now,” said Brennan.

A lawsuit with several Washington vape shop owners listed as plaintiffs is expected to be filed soon.