Family moves out of 'haunted' home in Utah once occupied by Josh and Susan Powell

UTAH — A family has moved out of the Utah home formerly owned by a murderer after hearing and seeing some bizarre things.

According to KUTV, Joanna Aeosana was leasing the home that Josh and Susan Powell and their children once lived in.

She said from the moment they moved in, strange things have happened.

“I hear people crying when I’m showering,” she told KUTV.

Aeosana also said the garage door opens and closes on its own.

And her 1-year-old son was seen talking to an empty swing, telling it, “go away. Leave me alone.”

Aeosana told the station she was never told that the Powell family once lived in the home she leased.

In 2009, Susan Powell disappeared from the home. Her husband, Josh, was the only person of interest. Susan has never been found.

In 2012, Josh killed their two sons and himself in a house explosion in Graham, Washington, authorities said.