Frequent carpoolers can soon reserve parking spots at 8 light rail and train stations

SEATAC, Wash. -- Eight Link Light Rail stations and Sounder Rail stations will soon offer reserved parking for carpoolers.

The stations fill up quickly and this should give more reliable and available parking to cars with more than one person, Sound Transit says.

Frequent carpoolers to the new Angle Lake Light Rail Station can reserve spots before the Sept. 24 opening.

Permits are $5. Drivers need to have and use a valid Orca card, and show that they ride the rails at least three times a week.

Here’s more information from Sound Transit

• The permits will cost $5 per carpool
• Transit customers must have and use a valid ORCA card to apply for a permit.
• Permit parking areas would be reserved for permit holders through morning rush hour Monday through Friday.
• On weekends and after morning rush hour on weekdays, transit riders would be able to park in permit spaces without a permit.
• Renewal would require the permit holder’s ORCA records to show they rode transit at least three times per week during the previous permit term. Flexibility will be allowed for time away (such as vacation).
• Carpool permit holders must arrive with at least two transit riders in the permitted vehicle.
• At least 50% of parking spaces at each location would remain free and available for transit riders on a first-come, first-served basis.

Other locations for the permit program will include:
• Auburn Station
• Federal Way Transit Center
• Issaquah Transit Center
• Kent Station
• Tukwila Sounder Station
• Puyallup Station
• Sumner Station