Gas prices set to rise across PNW because of Canadian pipeline rupture

SEATTLE --  Gas prices are set to rise across the Pacific Northwest over the coming week because of a pipeline explosion in Prince George, Canada, according to GasBuddy.

The pipeline provides natural gas to Washington state. Although the gasoline you pump into your vehicle is different than the natural gas in the pipelines, the natural gas is used to power oil refineries.

There's no word how long the natural gas interruption will last but GasBuddy estimates it could be at least two weeks.

"The duration of the price impact will depend on the length of time that the pipeline is out of service," GasBuddy said in a release.

Motorists are urged to only buy what fuel they need to limit the scope of the price increases.

The blast Tuesday shut down the Enbridge natural gas pipeline about 600 miles northeast of Vancouver.