Go Red Better U: Two women taking charge of their health and taking Q13 FOX along for the ride

Kristi and Shirley

SEATTLE -- Ask any woman what her biggest health threat is, and she’ll probably tell you breast cancer.

But the reality is, heart disease kills more women each year than all other cancers combined.   Think about this.  While 1 in 30 American women dies from breast cancer, 1 in 3 dies of cardiovascular disease, according to the American Heart Association.  That’s one woman every single minute.  These are mothers, daughters, sisters and friends, taken by a disease that is largely preventable.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about heart disease.  We cover stories about people who have survived it, and others who haven’t.  I know heart disease runs in my family.  That means my risks for someday developing it are greater.  I also know that if I eat healthy and exercise, I can greatly reduce my personal risk and improve my long term health.

Through program’s like Go Red Better U, women are empowered to make those changes in their lives.  For the next two months, Q13 will be following two women in the program, as they overhaul their lives to become more heart healthy through diet and exercise.

Shirley Sutton is an active, 67-year-old wife, mother and grandmother.  Shirley says heart disease and diabetes run in her family and she’s aware of her increased risk.  By joining Go Red Better U, Shirley is hoping to feel better and get off medications for high blood pressure and depression.  Already, Shirley is noticing positive changes.  She is walking five days a week and adding more fresh vegetables into her diet.  As a result, Shirley is already losing weight, her blood pressure is going down and she has more energy.

Kristi Oosterveen is a 46-year-old former college athlete.  Kristi loves playing at watching sports, but says over the years, she’s let her health slide.  Kristi is trying the Go Red Better U program for a second time and says she is ready to make a long term health change.  Kristi is learning to read labels and cook with healthy oils.  She’s also walking regularly and swimming.  Kristi says her goal is to be able to ride 22 miles on her bike by the end of the 12-weeks.

Each week, the women will keep a video journal of their journey, their challenges and their successes.  We will be checking in with them along the way and update their health quest on Q13 Fox News at 4, 5, 9 and 10pm.  Their health coach in the Better U program, personal chef Kirsten Helle, will also join us each week, with advice to keep the women motivated and cook some healthy dishes in studio.

Heart disease is the number one killer of women, but it doesn’t have to be.  Take charge of your health, and help us root on Shirley and Kristi as they embark on a heart healthy adventure.

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