Iraq war vet suffering from PTSD desperately searches for missing dog

SNOHOMISH - Dozens of strangers are helping an Iraq war vet find his missing dog.

The vet says the community's generosity has changed his negative view of the world and it’s giving him hope that his pet will be found. He copes with PTSD and his Newfoundland changed his life when it came into the family a year ago.

On Friday it was a labor of desperation outside Aaron Esterholt’s Snohomish home. They were making posters for their 1-year-old dog Odin, missing for a week.

“I am hoping he’s on someone’s couch right now,” Aaron said.

Aaron says Odin has been like a therapy dog.

“He doesn’t judge you, he doesn’t care on what’s going on,” Aaron said.

The unconditional love gave Aaron the courage to get out of the house and his autistic son suddenly started talking a lot more ever since Odin disappeared. Their son has been talking to strangers trying to locate the missing dog.

“Since this has been going on I can’t believe all the words he is saying,” mother Sophia Esterholt said.

The family doesn’t know why Odin walked away from their home last week but they are not alone in the search.

“If he comes out of the woods I want people to be looking for him,” Kristi Everett said.

Everett is a volunteer with Lost Dogs of Snohomish County but to the family she is an angel.

“This is how great they are they don’t know me and they say come to the house we have signs for you,” Aaron said.

Odin is all over social media and hundreds of posters are already up. They are just hoping for any sighting. The vet says he can’t sleep, his wife can attest to that.

“He sleeps on my side he just can’t sleep there because he thinks Odin is there,” Sophia said.

“Thats my best friend he sleeps next to me at night sounds silly he is a dog but he is my best friend,” Aaron said.

They won’t give up until Odin is home. In the meantime the vet is hoping his Newfoundland is safe with someone else.

“He loves to eat and don’t mind the drool because he drools all the time,” Aaron said.

A stranger also created a Facebook page for Odin. He is about 100 pounds and has a bit of white on his back paw. If you see him call 253 737 9486 or contact Lost Dogs of Snohomish County.