Is smart home technology worth it?

Everything is connected these days. Even our homes are getting a tech upgrade. But is smart home technology worth it?

“The systems can alert you to a break-in, they could help avert, even shut off your water, so avert a water loss,” says Gary Kinniburgh, PEMCO senior underwriter. But it goes beyond that. Some of the most common smart home capabilities include turning off lights, adjusting the thermostat, and controlling entertainment systems.

If you want to try this out, the good news is that pretty much any home with a Wi-Fi connection can get set up. But keep some things in mind. Like a computer, the systems could crash and you’ll have to deal with getting it fixed. Also really think about whether you would actually use the technology. For example, PEMCO did a survey of people who have burglar alarm systems. “Over half of our respondents said they didn’t turn on their system every time they went out,” says Kinniburgh.

So is smart home technology worth it? Kinniburgh says it could be, especially if it helps you avoid major home damages. But if you’re still getting used to the idea, you can start with just one feature like controlling outdoor lights. Then, if you get comfortable, you can add other options later on.