Keeping your holiday party accident-free

Now that December is here, a lot of people are hosting holiday parties at their homes.

As the old saying goes, it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Derek Wing, the Communications Manager at PEMCO Insurance gave some advice on how to keep your holiday get together safe.

Wing said there are number of reasons why holidays parties can be dangerous.

"First off is weather," said Wing. "If you're driving out there and it happens to be snowy or icy, roads are a little bit slicker. In the winter time, things are a little bit darker and so people may have more trouble finding the address to your house and they may be a little bit distracted while they are driving."

Here are ways party hosts can prepare their homes for a holiday party:

    One thing people may not think about is if someone drinks too much at your home, then gets in an accident, you could be held partially responsible.

    "Some of things we would recommend are just make sure you cut people off about 90 minutes before the end of the party, so they can sober up" said Wing. "Have some protein-rich foods that can help absorb the alcohol and stay away from salty foods."