Kent student earns rare perfect score on AP Calculus exam

KENT, Wash. (AP) _ A senior at a Kent high school has earned a rare perfect score on the AP Calculus AB exam.

The Seattle Times reports ( ) Nick Porter is one of 12 students worldwide to earn all 108 points possible on the test that covers what's in a first-semester college class.

Two years ago, another student at the same Kent high school was one of eight people worldwide with a perfect score.

His teacher and the principal at Kentridge High School both say the chances of that happening is at least one in a million.

Porter's explanation is the test was easy and he's just good at math. His teacher, Michelle Hughes, says her student has an unusual ability to pay attention to details. When she looked back at classroom tests, she found only one where Porter did not have a perfect score.

Porter is taking the second AP calculus class this year and he expects to do well on the exam, but not get a perfect score.