LIVE UPDATES: May Day protests in Seattle turn violent; at least 2 officers injured, 7 arrests

SEATTLE -- Seattle Police say at least one officer was injured and other officers reported being struck by sticks and batons by some anti-capitalist demonstrators at a May Day protest in Seattle.

The protesters threw rocks, broke windows and spray painted buildings and parked cars along downtown streets.

Before the violence started, dozens of black-clad people had gathered at Westlake Park in downtown Sunday following a peaceful, permitted march earlier in the day by advocates for workers and immigrants.

The anti-capitalist demonstrators, who did not have a permit from city officials, carried signs, including one that said "We Are Ungovernable." The group gathered at the downtown park before starting to march through the streets.

Some downtown businesses had earlier boarded up storefronts, anticipating violence. Seattle police reported seeing people with poles with bolts, rocks and cans of spray paint in the crowd. Police said there was some property damage, including broken window at a residential building.

Seattle traditionally sees large, disruptive May Day gatherings. Last year police arrested 16 people during demonstrations and in 2014 10 people were arrested.

In 2013, police arrested 18 people from a crowd that pelted them with rocks and bottles. Storefronts in downtown Seattle have also been smashed in previous protests.

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