Local developers showcase their independent games at PAX

SEATTLE, Tens of thousands will flock to PAX this weekend to see the latest in video games, and for some local developers they will get their first chance to show off their work.

PAX brings video game makers and fans from across the world to Seattle. It showcases some of the biggest companies and games in the industry; there is also a growing trend of independent developers getting attention.

“I’ve been working on it for three years in my free time, so pretty much whenever I get home from work; I’ll spend a few hours on it, or on the weekend, I’ll spend a good portion of the weekend working on it,” said David Evans.

For the first time ever, Evans will be showcasing his video game, Sail Forth, at PAX.

However, Evans games is slightly different than most, because he developed it entirely on his own.

Evans is known as an independent (indie) game developer a trend that is becoming more common.

“Literally tens of thousands of people all over the world making indie games and that’s why Seattle’s community is so big because there is such an easier barrier of entry, it’s inspiring to people,” said Ty Taylor.

Taylor is the Vice President of Seattle Indies.

A local organization that works with indie developers, like Evans, to create a productive atmosphere where people can connect, learn, and network.

Seattle Indies meet every month, but this weekend they are having their yearly expo.

Like PAX, The Seattle Indies Expo showcases video games. Unlike PAX, The Seattle Indies Expo only showcases independent game developers from the Pacific Northwest.

The Seattle Indies Expo goes from 12pm to 9pm at the Motif Seattle and admission is free.