Local 'Soup Ladies' heading to Texas to help feed, comfort rescuers, victims

KING COUNTY -- While first responders search for and help victims from the torrential rains and flooding in Texas, a group of local women is getting ready to head to the Houston area to feed and comfort the weary rescuers.

They are known as "The Soup Ladies" and for nearly 15 years, they've traveled the nation feeding first responders and victims of tragedy.

Ginger Passarelli puts her heart into each and every dish she serves. While first responders are busy saving lives, Ginger is their life saver.

The founder of The Soup Ladies, based in Black Diamond and now retired from the restaurant business, dedicates her time to feeding and comforting people when they need it the most. And the need is great in the Houston area, where Tropical Storm Harvey has devastated so many.

After three days, emergency workers and the victims of the hurricane are weary and Ginger and a few other Soup Ladies plan to fly out Saturday morning to get cooking.

Ginger said she founded Soup Ladies almost 15 years ago with a simple dish for her church. She’s since volunteered her time to tragedies like Hurricane Katrina and the Oso mudslide, all of which, she say, prepares her for the devastation on the ground in Texas.