Local teen who was bullied online commits suicide

 ISSAQUAH -- A sophomore at Issaquah High School committed suicide earlier this week and her friends say cyber bullying led her to take that step.

The young girl was a talented musician who dreamed of becoming a star.

“She's the most talented person I know,” her best friend said. “She had the most amazing voice.”

She added that fellow students at the high school bullied the girl on Facebook and Twitter.

“I'm really mad because the people who egged her on, the people who said the horrible things to her, they don't even know that they're part of the reason she's gone,” her friend said. “If those people hadn't said those things that night, she wouldn't have thought twice about anything and she would still be here.”

Issaquah High School said it has a strict policy about bullying, but a representative for the district said that the girl never came forward.

While her friends struggle with the loss, one of them is looking for a way to honor her friend, and is contemplating creating a foundation to shine a light on cyber bullying.

“She a great person and I miss her. I said she was going to change the world, I'm just going to do it for her."

The school district said that at some point there will be an investigation into the girl's death.