Man arrested for allegedly hanging bodies of dozens of dead cats in a tree

YONKERS, N.Y. (WPIX11) -- Police have caught the man who allegedly created a macabre scene by hanging the bodies of dozens of cats in a tree on Overlook Terrace in Yonkers, according to SPCA officials.

Rene Carcamo, 60, who lives on the same street where the cats were found, has been charged with illegally disposing of dead cats, a violation of environmental conservation law.  He also faces two counts of animal cruelty after allegedly failing to provide medical attention for two kittens.

Yonkers Public Works employees found the carcasses in late April, prompting the investigation.

SPCA investigators questioned Carcamo multiple times, but he didn’t charge him until he visited the vet in July with two kittens suffering from badly neglected cases of conjunctivitis.

“The SPCA of Westchester is pleased that an arrest has been made in this case, after many months of investigation, interviews and hard work,” said the SPCA’s Ernest Lungaro. “We are grateful to the Yonkers Police Department and the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office for helping us to make this possible.”

“The SPCA remains saddened by the magnitude and severity of this crime against such innocent animals,” said Executive Director Shannon Laukhuf.