Man released twice without bail for burglary charge, now arrested for robbery in Parkland

Investigators say a man already wanted for burglary went wild at an Ace Hardware store during a robbery in Parkland on Sunday.

Documents FOX 13 News obtained say 25-year-old Tafo Alo turned tools into weapons, attacked an employee, destroyed customers’ cars and then ran from deputies at the Ace Hardware at 112th St S and A St, near the exit for SR-512.

A manager told investigators he caught Alo stealing and asked him to leave. But instead of walking out of the store, Alo threatened the employee with a hatchet, according to the documents.

Records say Alo then threw a metal object at the manager, hitting him in the stomach.

Once outside the store, investigators said Alo smashed the windows of several parked cars, causing hundreds of dollars in damages to four different cars.

Alo had an active warrant for his arrest for a 2022 burglary at the time of the incident at Ace Hardware.

According to court records, Alo cause about $2,000 into the American Lodge Hotel in March 2022. Documents said Alo broke into a hotel room and damaged the door, the walls, and the air conditioner. Investigators said Alo admitted to breaking into the room to take a shower.

At the time of this incident, a judge ruled to release Alo with no bail.

When his court date came, Alo was a no show, court docs say. Officials placed a new warrant on him, and Alo appeared in court in May 2023.

A judge released Alo without bail in that hearing, as well, according to records FOX 13 News obtained. 

Since then, a warrant has been out for his arrest, but he’s been on the loose.

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In court Monday, the prosecutor asked for $70,000 in bail for Alo—$20,000 for the 2022 burglary charge and $50,000 for the most recent robbery charge.

Instead, the judge placed a $25,000 total bail on Alo—$5,000 for the 2022 charge and $20,000 for the current charge.

Both judges who originally released Alo with no bail are now retired.

Alo faces several charges of the Ace Hardware incident including first-degree robbery and resisting arrest.