Man says thief stole his father's cremated remains from his car in Everett, pleads for their return

EVERETT -- A Whidbey Island man is pleading for the public's help after he says his father's ashes and precious photos were stolen hours after his memorial in Everett.

“Once you lose everything in 10 minutes, then you realize how irreplaceable it all is.  He was a honky-tonk, NASCAR kind of guy.  The nicest person I've met in my life.  Not just because he's my dad, but he really was a sweet, sweet person,” says Chris Sansbury Jr.

On Sunday, Chris and his family held a memorial for his dad, Jim Vice, on the Everett waterfront.

Afterward, he and his wife stayed overnight at the Hampton Inn on West Marine View Drive.  Chris says he left his father's ashes on the passenger seat of his car parked in the hotel garage overnight.

Four family photo albums were also in the trunk, along with some computer and stereo equipment.

The next morning, he came down to the car and realized someone had broken in.

“The dome light was on. Then I went to unlock the passenger door to grab my charger and realized it was unlocked.  Everything was torn about,” says Chris.

Every thing of value had been stolen, including the one thing that meant everything to Chris.

“I realized he was gone. He was taken. And I was angry.  That was pretty much everything that was left of me and my father.  He was gone and I just panicked.  I just flat-out panicked,” says Chris.

He says he's filed a report with Everett Police Department, but he's not looking for revenge.

“I just hope somebody has a conscience and brings him forward.  Not a lot hurts, but this one did, big-time.  I just want our family back,” says Chris.

Anyone with information on the burglary should contact the Everett Police Department.