Man who spurred emergency call that lead to the death of Deputy Dyson charged

TACOMA, Wash. – Demecies Craver, 22-years-old, plead not guilty to his charges Monday.

It all began as a domestic violence call early Saturday morning in Parkland. Court records allege Craver’s mother called police after he allegedly assaulted his sibling. When police arrived Craver allegedly told them to kill him.

Craver entered court Monday with obvious wounds to his face likely sustained when allegedly scuffling with deputies.

The incident allegedly happened at his mother’s home on 113th Street South, say officials.

Craver’s mother called police alleging Craver assaulted his 6-year-old sister and was trying to get ahold his mother’s shotgun. According to court records, Craver was out of jail on bond. The conditions of release required, among other things, he did not have possession of a firearm.

Court documents also allege Craver fought with deputies and canine officer Zepp.

“It was quite a fight,” said Detective Ed Troyer. “We had a couple deputies with minor injuries a dog with minor injuries.”

The incident is what Deputy Cooper Dyson was dispatched to provide help for his fellow deputies.

“He was going to the real deal, the real call,” said Troyer. “This is what we do.”

Dyson died rushing to their aide when he crashed his patrol car less than two miles away.

Court documents allege Craver told deputies to ‘kill him’ and that ‘he just wanted to die.’

Investigators also believe Craver was high on drugs that appeared to give him ‘super-human strength,’ according to court records, and that he was ‘impervious to pain.’

Craver pled not guilty to charges of multiple counts of assault, illegal possession of a firearm and harming a police dog.

In court, corrections officers wore black over their badges to honor Dyson’s service.

“Unfortunately, we’ve done this before and this particular accident the death of our deputy occurred on the ten-year anniversary of another deputy who got killed, Kent Mundell,” said Troyer. “It was during the holiday season as well, the day before Christmas Eve, and we’re planning a funeral.”

Between the incident on Saturday and another incident back in September, Craver’s bail was set for $1 Million.

While it’s up to prosecutors to determine if Craver’s actions may have any legal connection with Dyson’s death, a spokesperson for the agency told Q13 News it is unlikely he could be charged.