Mayor McGinn says farewell to City Hall

SEATTLE -- On the final day of 2013, outgoing Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn issued a note to Seattle city workers saying he enjoyed his four years in office.

McGinn issued the note electronically to everyone employed by the City of Seattle. He said he and his mayor's office staff was thankful of their "opportunity for public service."

Mayor-elect Ed Murray officially steps into office tonight at 12:01 a.m.

Here is mayor McGinn's full letter to city staff:

Thank you
As my term in office officially ends tonight, on behalf of myself and all of the Mayor's office staff I want to express our deep gratitude at this opportunity for public service.

When we took office four years ago, we were in the middle of a deep recession, and deep need in the community. While we worked to make the city a better place, you made us better by inviting us into all of your communities to understand the city's diversity and challenges. We got a lot done but also know that much more work remains to be done to prepare our children and our communities for the future.

We wish Mayor-elect Murray success in tackling those challenges as he takes office. And again, we wish to express to all of you our thanks for this opportunity to work with you to make this city a better place.


Mike McGinn