McCleary mayor threatens to cut police and fire dept

MCCLEARY – The city of McCleary in Grays Harbor County may have to close its museum and library, and contract out its police and fire services. The mayor said that could be the only option, if voters don’t approve a potential $400,000 maintenance and operations levy.

The city will be reviewing the 2014 budget at its council meeting tonight. Mayor Gary Dent was not at the last meeting because of an illness. But he had submitted a memo, outlining a budget plan that would eliminate at least one police officer and a police clerk. He warned more layoffs are possible.

According to the Daily World, there were no layoffs included in the mayor’s first budget proposal in October. McCleary residents say the cuts came after Mayor Dent won re-election.

The public will have the opportunity to comment during tonight’s meeting. The meeting begins at 7 pm at McCleary City Hall.