Missing kangaroo found in Monroe, heading to Fall City animal hospital

A missing 8-week-old kangaroo named Jack has been found alive but scared in Monroe Tuesday afternoon. Jack is now at an animal shelter in Fall City where he is getting lifesaving medication.

The kangaroo was found inside a carport at a home on West Maple Street just before noon. The homeowner says she yelled for animal control officers after making the discovery. She says Jack was scared and shaken.

"I was just like what in the world! Anyway, I kind of yelled, like it's right here, to get their attention. Poor kangaroo was super scared," said Annalisa Kariniemi.

The kangaroo's owner, Melinda Eader, was in tears and crying as animal control officers moved Jack, carefully wrapped in a blanket, to their van. Eader says she bought Jack from Outback Kangaroo Farm in Arlington on Monday, but he ran off that night after a friend let him out to go to the bathroom.

"The whole town of Monroe was looking for him," said Eader.
Animal Control with the city of Monroe says the State Department of Agriculture requires owners to get a permit for kangaroos purchased out of state, but Monroe's law is even stricter, not allowing any exotic or wild animals within city limits. The penalty is a misdemeanor.

Animal control says Jack's condition is tough to tell because he is wild and feral and wasn't ready to go to people. In the meantime, caretakers are keeping an eye on him as they nurse him back to health.


A kangaroo is on the loose in Monroe. Yes, you read that correctly. 

Police in Monroe say a couple purchased a young red kangaroo (8 weeks old, 2 feet tall) from the Arlington Kangaroo Sanctuary on Sunday. 

The joey was in a van parked in the 300 block of West Main Street when it was "let out of the van" and hopped away. Police say the kangaroo was heading north. 

Investigators say they don't believe the couple had a permit for the kangaroo. One of the owners has been posting pictures of the missing kangaroo on lost pet social media pages. 

If you see it, please hop on the phone and call the Monroe Police Department at 360-794-6300 or 911.

**The kangaroo pictured in the video below is not the missing animal.**