Missing man found safe after 5 cold nights

UPDATE: The missing man was found safe Friday, the Longview Daily News reported.

LONGVIEW (KPTV) -- A Washington family is desperate to find a missing father who hasn't been seen since Sunday night.

Richard "Dick" Sturm, 67, went missing on Sunday night after leaving his daughter's home in Castle Rock, his daughter said. He told his family that he was heading to his home in Longview.

"We said 'Hey, are you going to go to grandma's?' He goes 'Oh no, not this time. It's too late,'" said Julie Nelson, Sturm's daughter. "And he said he was going to take the slippery road home."

Sturm's family is now using his home as a command center, of sorts, in their extensive search to find him.

After he left his daughter's home on Sunday night, Sturm's family went to check a GPS-based app on their cell phones to see if he made it home, Nelson said. They soon realized he forgot to take his cell phone home with him.

His family said they started calling his home phone number and later drove to his home to see if he was there.

Nelson said she realized something was wrong when she stopped her father's home again on Monday morning and he still hadn't been there. She called the Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office for help.

"I'm very worried. I'm very worried. This is completely out of character for my dad. He's never done this ... anything like this before," Nelson said.

Nelson said her father has been acting strange over the past few weeks. At times he's gotten confused and lost, she said.

Family members, friends and sheriff's deputies have searched areas Sturm has been known to frequent, including some of his favorite hunting spots. So far, no one's found any sign of him or his truck.

"He has been my best friend for years. He's been by my side through thick and thin. And I just ... I'm here to do whatever I need to do to bring him home. If he needs help, we're here," Nelson said.

Sturm may be driving his white, 2003 Chevy Silverado truck with Washington license plates. The number is: B05799N. The truck has a spare tire and a stainless steel box in the back, Nelson said.

Nelson said she checked with her father's bank, and he hasn't used his bank account in over a week.

At this point, she doesn't know what to do.

"I'm worried that it's cold, and he doesn't know where he is," Nelson said. "I just want my dad."

Sturm takes medications for previous health issues, Nelson said. His family doesn't know if he has any of his medications with him.

Sturm's family plans to fly out of Toledo on Wednesday morning to search the area by air to see if they can spot his truck.

If you've seen Richard "Dick" Sturm or his truck, call the Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office. You can also contact Sturm's daughter, Julie Nelson, directly at (360) 560-7811.