Mom’s hack for bedtime relaxation goes viral

BOSTON — A Massachusetts mom has gotten viral attention after sharing a bedtime hack on social media.

Jessica D’Entremont posted a photo of her two daughters, Emma, 4, and Hannelore, 3, on Facebook last week.  The picture shows the girls lying on the floor in their pajamas, which happen to glow in the dark.

D’Entremont says she was looking for a way to keep her kids relaxed so she told them they had to lay “really still under the light” to “charge” their pajamas.

“Both have sensory processing disorder and I’m always looking for ways to add stillness and calm into their sensory diet,” D’Entremont told WJW. “It worked perfectly and they were so intent and serious I just had to snap a picture.”

This creative mom says she’s expanded on her “trickery” by putting the pajamas back into the dresser drawer when the girls get dressed in the morning.

She says the girls tried to test her charging claim, however after being unexposed to light all day the pajamas were very dim. This reinforced to the kids that they needed to lie quietly under the light before bed.