Neighbor recalls what happened as Skagit County home caught fire with two kids inside

SKAGIT COUNTY – “She was saying my kids are in the house, my house is on fire, and my kids are in there,” recalled Carol Eaton who lives behind the now charred three story home in Skagit County on Bay View Road that caught fire early Saturday morning around 2:30 a.m according to the Skagit Valley sheriff’s office.

Eaton says she was home when her neighbor, a mother of two young children ran over, in shock, screaming and ringing the doorbell.

“She was totally in soot, black all over her face, some bleeding and stuff, her hands were bloody, I think from the glass when she was going out the window,” said Eaton.

Eaton says the neighbor tried to get her kids out of the burning home through a window on the upper floors but accidentally fell out of the window she was trying to push open before the kids could get out.

“She told me, I thought my kids were behind me, and it was so smoky and you couldn’t see. It was panic all the way,” said Eaton.

The Skagit Valley sheriff’s office says multiple agencies battled the fire until dawn.

“It was pretty horrific,” said Doug Peterson, a volunteer firefighter who responded to the call.

“There was no surviving in there,” said Peterson.

Peterson says as he was going toward the flames, a man was running from the house.

“I said did everyone get out of the house, that was my first concern, his answer was no. The house was fully engulfed in flames,” said Peterson.

A playground remains in front of a burnt home where two young children spent summer days on swing sets.

Eaton says the children did not make it out of the home. At the family’s church this morning, Eaton says the community prayed for the family and feels the pain they’re going through.

“A lot of prayers going up for that family, just totally sad situation to lose your children like that,” said Eaton.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. The mother of the children was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, she is in satisfactory condition.