New study shows toxic chemicals found in children’s furniture

OLYMPIA -- A new study released shows that a majority of children's furniture on the market is laced with toxic flame retardant chemicals.

The Washington Toxics Coalition shows that 90% of children's furniture contained the flame retardants linked to serious health problems. Out of 42 pieces of children's furniture purchased from large retailers in 13 states and Canada, all but four contained toxic flame retardants.

The chemicals found in the furniture have been linked to cancer, fertility effects, genetic damage, obesity, thyroid disease and other illnesses.

Independent tests have previously found toxic flame retardants in other children's items including changing pads, car seats and nap mats. 

The Coalition and advocates are urging state legislators to pass the Toxic-Free Kids and Families Act (ESHB 1294). This bill would phase out the use of toxic flame retardants in children's products and furniture and move product manufactures to safer alternatives.

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