Off-duty Lakewood detective spots wanted couple day after being on WMW

COUPLEFUGITIVES CAPTURED Feb. 16, 2013 -- Lakewood Police say Det. Ryan Larson watched Washington’s Most Wanted with his daughter this past weekend. When he stopped to get gas on Hosmer, he spotted Eileen Dilbeck and Joseph Williams who had just been featured. He was off duty in his own car but he followed them to where they went and called the patrol units. The on duty sergeant sent a picture of both of them to Det. Larson's phone and he confirmed it was them and patrol arrested them. He says that it was definitely because of seeing them on the show! Williams was wanted in Pierce County for Escape from Community Custody after being convicted of Vehicular Homicide, Assault in the 2nd degree and Failure to Remain at an Injury Accident. His girlfriend, Dilbeck, had a Governor’s warrant from the State of Wisconsin for Interference with Child Custody. Both were submitted to be aired on Washington’s Most Wanted by our partners at Crime Stoppers of TacomaPierce County. She was accused of taking her 11-year-old son from Wisconsin against a judge’s order is back safe with his grandfather. FUGITIVES WANTED IN PIERCE COUNTY Feb. 15th, 2013-- A couple is on the run and are wanted in a messy child custody case. Prosecutors said in the fall of 2012 Eileen Dilbeck, who was living in Tacoma, turned her 11-year-old son over to his grandfather in Wisconsin, saying she could not “handle him anymore.” After the court named the grandfather as the boy's guardian, Dilbeck allegedly showed up with Joseph Williams and took the boy. Making matters worse, Williams was not supposed to leave Washington state because he's on felony supervision after a drunk-driving crash killed a woman in his car. "Dilbeck and Williams are believed to be boyfriend and girlfriend and they both know they're wanted. She has a warrant out of the state of Wisconsin that was signed by the governor and he's on probation for killing somebody with a vehicle and is wanted for other felonies. So we’ve got to believe that they both know that they're wanted and they're both on the run and they're not going to give up so we need your help to get them caught," Pierce County Sheriff’s detective Ed Troyer said. Eileen Dilbeck is 35 years old with dark blonde hair and brown eyes. Joseph Williams is 33 years old and has black hair and brown eyes. Detectives in Wisconsin have tried to call Dilbeck, but she's dodging them so they don't know where the boy is right now. If you can tell Pierce County detectives how to find Dilbeck and William, call the hotline at 800-222-TIPS. You can text a tip here.