Organs of 9-year-old killed in Thanksgiving hunting accident saved 3 lives, relatives say

WILLISTON, S.C. (WGHP) - The organs of a boy accidentally shot and killed by his dad during a Thanksgiving hunting trip in South Carolina helped save the lives of three other children, WRDW reports.

The family of 9-year-old Colton Williams said his organs were donated to two children in South Carolina and his liver donation saved the life of a child in Virginia.

"I was so proud when Colton’s dad comforted his family by saying, 'There are good days and there are bad days. Today is a bad day. But there will be good days to come.' We struggle forward praying for the pain to ease," said Colton's grandfather, Vince Furtick.

The fourth-grader was hunting rabbits with his father and a family friend when his father accidentally shot him, according to WYFF. No charges have been filed.

Colton was on the honor roll at Kelly Edwards Elementary School in Williston, South Carolina.

The school district said counselors will be on hand Monday morning.

"Nine years old? That's going to hurt the classmates and everything else and the principal. Everybody knows him," an unidentified school official said.

Furtick said he also "took piano lessons, won the marksmanship award at camp, loved every sport and was a huge Clemson Tigers fan."

He also played center for the Williston Blue Devils Junior Rec League and was selected to play on the all-star team.

The 9-year-old loved hunting and fishing. He caught his first fish two weeks ago with his dad and grandparents.