Passengers stranded at Seatac in the wake of record cold temperatures

SEATTLE -- Hundreds of people had to rebook their flights today at Seatac after harsh winter weather forced airlines to ground planes all over the country.

Several flights were canceled at Seatac this morning and dozens of passengers didn't know about the cancellations until they arrived at the airport this morning.

Chicago is seeing some of the coldest temperatures in decades and several flights are grounded from the major hub. Those cancellations caused problems for people all across the country and passengers scrambled to rebook their flights.

Mary Ellen Torbert was trying to fly home to Illinois after spending the last two weeks in Hawaii.

Torbert said, "As far as I can tell they’ve canceled all flights today to Chicago and I’m waiting in this line and my daughter is on the phone to try to get it rebooked that way too that’s what they told us to do and that’s what we’re doing.”

Other people were flying for business meetings that could not be rescheduled.

Bruce McClary said, “I’m trying to see if I can get on a flight to a different hub. Possibly to Dallas. I know they have a hub in Dallas. Just to see if I can route around the weather because obviously the weather is the factor.”