Redmond police investigating 'suspicious' death of 3-month-old child

Redmond police are investigating the "suspicious death" of a 3-month-old child. 

Officers were called to NE 98th Way, near 183 PL NE around 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday for reports about a dead child. 

Police said the child is 3 months old and their death is being investigated as suspicious. 

After several hours, detectives and the King County Medical Examiner's Office were able to secure a warrant and enter the unit, according to the police department. Redmond PD said in a news release Wednesday that the mother, a juvenile, left the child with the residents at the apartment while she traveled out of state.

Neighbors told Q13 News, the death is tragic and they're shaken to hear about the incident.

"It's pretty scary. It’s a little too close to home, especially when I have kids myself and I feel so sorry for the people who lost their child. I don’t know how I could take it," said neighbor Sally Steinmeyer.

"It's really terrifying to hear because I don’t know what could’ve happened to that baby, but hopefully that family is okay. Thoughts and prayers to the family. We got to keep our kids safe around here I guess," said another neighbor, Lanika Rorie.

The cause of death is being investigated. Redmond Police expect to give another update on Thursday.

This child's death comes just eight days after an 8-year-old was killed near Redmond. The child's father, 37-year-old Omid Mola, is charged with his murder.