Road crews and shelters prepare for frigid temperatures ahead

EVERETTE, Wash. - - Temperatures are taking a big dip this week and road crews have already started preparing the streets for possible icy conditions. Shelters are also gearing up to help people get inside and off the streets.

With frigid temperatures headed our way, organizations like Salvation Army in Everett are preparing to open their doors to about 50 people who’d otherwise be on the street.

“They get to choose their mat, they get a blanket and they get to stay here until about 7 o’clock tomorrow morning," said  Andrea Reed, a Lieutenant with Salvation Army.

Reed says they provide warm shelter for adult men and women when temperatures drop below 32 degrees.

“No requirements are needing to be met. Come here, we open the doors at 8 o’clock. So just come for intake," Reed said.

While some people are looking for ways to get out of the cold, Wash DOT says drivers on the road should also be on the look-out.

“We’re going to see some really cold temperatures. That could create some really icy conditions along the road,” said Tom Pearce,  with Washington State Dept. of Transportation.

Wash DOT began pretreating some roads with de-icer Monday afternoon. They say drivers also should remember to take it slow especially when driving over an overpass, bridge or on-ramp.

Wash DOT also warned about black ice because it’s really difficult to see and they suggest drivers leave a little bit earlier for their commutes.